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Travelling and meeting new places and people is a great way to leave everyday life behind. But sometimes you just want to treat yourself with something special. And we have what you need – a personalized vacation.

We offer a base – accommodation and car rental service and you create experience holiday in Croatia depending on your concept of ideal vacation. Active itinerary exploring Croatian natural beauties, gastronomy or cultural tour – it is up to you!

Choose the places you want to visit, activities, type of accommodation or make any other request and we will create unique holiday just for you. Experience Croatia the way that suits you best!

    Check out our itineraries, accommodation suggestions and car rental options listed below.

    In case you wish something that is not on the list, don’t worry! Just contact us and we will do our best to make your wishes come true.

    Type of vehicle

    Check for more details.

    Mini - doors: 2/4, seats: 4, suitcases: 1 large, one or two people, for city trips

    Economy - doors: 2/4, seats: 4/5, suitcases: 1 large + 1 small, for city drive and short trips

    Compact - doors: 2/4, seats: 5, suitcases: 2 large, for city and mid-length trips

    Intermediate - doors: 4, seats: 5, suitcases: 2 large + 1 small, for mid-length to long trips

    Standard - doors: 4, seats: 5, suitcases: 2 large + 1 small, for mid-length to long trips, extra comfort

    Full size - doors: 4, seats: 5, suitcases: 3 large, for long trips, extra comfort and better performance

    Luxury - doors: 4, seats: 5, suitcases: 3 large, travelling in style

    Convertible - doors: 2, seats: 4, suitcases: 1-2 large, open-air driving experience

    People carrier - doors: 4, seats: 7-9 , suitcases: 2-6 large, for groups and large families

    Type of accomodation

    Check for more details.

    Heritage hotel - hotel in a building (often historical) built before 1950. Architectural characteristics reflect the traditional way of life of the area. 

    Boutique hotel - smaller in size which provides intimate atmosphere and furnished in a unique, themed style 

    Hotel - establishment providing lodging, meals and other services for the public

    Villa -  luxurious country residence

    Holiday home - holiday accommodation with the characteristics and advantages of your own home

    Apartment - self-contained accommodation unit housed in a building containing a number of such units

    Camp -  collection of tents and other temporary structures used for travelers to lodge in

    Type of itinerary

    Check for more details.

    Active - combines adventure and outdoor activities with ecotourism and cultural events during holiday

    Cultural -getting to know a foreign culture and a local way of life 

    Gastronomy - experiences and attractions related to food