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Zadar Explore Bike Tour

map of bike tours in zadar
Tour length: 20 km
3 Hours
Start Finish

Because of its size and position, the easiest way to get to know Zadar is Zadar Explore Bike Tour. It is the most popular of our bike tours so do not hesitate to let yourself in the hands of our guide and get started.

Nin - Road to the Past Bike Tour

a map of bike tours in zadar region
Tour length: 36 km
4 Hours
Start Finish

One of the bike tours takes you to the town of Nin. A path to Nin is imbued with beautiful bays, pine forests and small Dalmatian villages that are constantly exchanging on the way, and that are connected by narrow gravel roads perfect for cycling adventures.

Ugljan Self-Guided Bike Tour​

Tour length: 35 km
10 Hours 30 min
Start Finish

This self-guided tour will take you through the most exciting paths of the island Ugljan, which is rightfully called „the green island“ thanks to its numerous pine trees and old olive groves.

Pašman & Ugljan Self-Guided Bike Tour​

a map of bike tours on zadar islands
Tour length: 60 km
10 Hours
Start Finish

Pašman & Ugljan bike tour starts on the island of Ugljan. It is called “the green island” because of the numerous olive groves and pine tree forests. Ždrelac Bridge connects Ugljan and Pašman  so you can visit both islands  the same day. 

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