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About the Cycling Tour

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our Europe cycling tours in the Zadar region—an ideal choice for those seeking more than the typical beach experience. This cycling journey unfolds across five diverse circuits in northern Dalmatia. Each bike trail promises a unique exploration of the region’s natural wonders, from charming cities to picturesque islands, a nature park to a serene lake.

Our Europe cycling tour combines the thrill of road cycling with discovering the cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery of this part of Croatia. Cyclists have the chance to traverse historic cities, like Zadar and Nin, take in the coastal allure of the islands Ugljan and Pašman, and appreciate the tranquillity of a nature park Vrana Lake.

On your free day, seize the opportunity to discover Zadar, an ancient city with a history spanning an impressive 3000 years. Explore the charming old town and its historical sites, architectural marvels, and cultural landmarks from its Roman, Venetian, and medieval past.  Zadar’s modern vibrancy offers a delightful fusion of contemporary art installations, vibrant cafes, and bustling markets. 

Whether navigating through ancient cities or coastal paths, this Europe cycling tour promises an enriching and immersive exploration of northern Dalmatia’s treasures.

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  • 1st day – Arrival: Arrival at your hotel, check-in, and info meeting with an agency representative. Bike fitting and short bike ride to ensure everything is in working order.
  • 2nd day – Island Pag (approx. 112 km, elevation 1210 m): Start your cycling adventure with a challenging route on the island of Pag. Enjoy the smooth roads, test your endurance on the climbs, and relish the exhilarating descents that the island offers. Cycling on the island of Pag in Croatia offers a unique and challenging experience for race bike enthusiasts. Pag is known for its lunar-like landscape, characterized by barren rocky terrain and a stunning coastal backdrop.
  • 3rd day – Karin – Obrovac (approx. 107 km, elevation 1100 m): Cycling in the region of Obrovac city and Karin in Croatia offers race bike enthusiasts a mix of diverse landscapes, historical sites, and challenging routes. The terrain around Obrovac and Karin offers a mix of climbs and descents, providing an opportunity to challenge your cycling skills. Some routes may lead you to elevated viewpoints with stunning panoramas of the Zrmanja River, creating rewarding moments during your ride.
  • 4th day – Ravni kotari – Lake Vrana (approx. 118 km, elevation 980 m): Race bike cycling in the region of Ravni kotari, including Nature Park Vrana and the peak Kamenjak above Lake Vrana, which offers a picturesque blend of nature, cultural heritage, and challenging climbs. As you cycle through Ravni kotari, you may encounter historical sites such as the Mašković Han, a well-preserved Ottoman-era caravanserai. Take breaks to explore these cultural landmarks, adding depth to your cycling journey. The highlight of the cycling experience in this area is the ascent to Kamenjak Peak. The climb to Kamenjak offers a challenging yet rewarding experience, with panoramic views of Lake Vrana and the Adriatic Sea awaiting you at the summit.
  • 5th day – free day: On your designated free day from cycling, take the opportunity to unwind and explore the surrounding area at a more leisurely pace. Take the chance to explore any local attractions or points of interest that you may have missed during your cycling days. This could include historical sites, museums, or natural landmarks in the vicinity. Enjoy the local culinary scene by trying out traditional dishes at recommended restaurants. Use this day to savour the flavours of the region and perhaps discover some hidden culinary gems.
  • 6th day – Nin – Vir – Privlaka (approx. 89 km, elevation 715 m):  A delightful route that combines coastal beauty, historical sites, and the unique charm of the region takes you from Zadar to Nin and Vir island. Take a break in Nin to explore its historical landmarks, such as the ancient city gates and the medicinal mud site. The small town is packed with cultural treasures, making it a rewarding stop on your cycling journey.
  • 7th day – Islands Ugljan and Pašman (approx. 80 km, elevation 840 m): Cycling from Zadar to the islands of Ugljan and Pašman provides a perfect blend of challenging race biking, cultural exploration, and coastal beauty. It’s a journey that allows you to appreciate the unique character of each island while enjoying the dynamic landscapes of the Dalmatian coast.
  • 8th day – Departure: Breakfast and check out from the hotel. Hopefully, the return home will be full of thoughts about your cycling achievements and the unique experiences gained during your race bike adventure in Croatia.






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