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Mountain Bicycle tour

This MTB XC bicycle tour is not just a typical exploration of islands and the Zadar surroundings. It’s an off-road cycling adventure that immerses you in the beauty of Dalmatian island life. This self-guided bicycle tour in Croatia provides a unique opportunity to delve into the islands’ history, from ancient civilisations to the vibrant present.

As part of the tour, you will explore and enjoy the attractions of the region. From the breathtaking St. Michael viewpoint to the serene Franciscan monastery, opulent mansions of noble families, the charming village of Kali, and the pristine Nature Park Vrana Lake, every stop promises a blend of scenic beauty and historical significance. The tour takes a bold turn with an exploration of off-road bike routes, adding adrenaline to the adventure.  Expect a thrilling ride through challenging terrains mixed with an exploration of the amazing scenery and local cuisine.

We take care of handling luggage and accommodation logistics, allowing you to unwind and enjoy discovering the cultural richness and natural splendour on this bicycle tour. All you have to do is join us and make some beautiful memories!


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Tour Length
322.5 km
Elevation Gain
3685 m
Physical difficulty
Technical difficulty


  • Day 1 (Saturday) – arrival; overnight in Zadar
  • Day 2 (Sunday) – Zadar – Nin (overnight in Zadar) Embark on a Croatian bicycle tour covering approximately 55.9 km from Zadar to the historic town of Nin. With an elevation gain of 432 m, cyclists will conquer a route comprising 63% off-road trails and 37% paved roads. The day promises a thrilling ride through varied terrains, providing glimpses of Zadar’s urban charm and Nin’s ancient allure.
  • Day 3 (Monday) – Island Ugljan (overnight in Zadar)
    The focus shifts to the captivating island of Ugljan, covering approximately 57.4 km with an elevation gain of 945 m. On this part of your bicycle tour in Croatia, you will navigate a trail characterized by 49% off-road and 51% paved sections. Ugljan’s amazing landscapes, charming little villages, and coastal trails offer a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day of cycling, with the evening returning to the comfort of Zadar.
  • Day 4 (Tuesday) – Hinterland, Zadar to Sv. Filip i Jakov or Biograd (overnight in Sv. Filip i Jakov)
    Explore the hinterland as you pedal from Zadar to Sv.  Filip i Jakov or Biograd, covering approximately 39 km. With an elevation gain of 442 m, the route consists of 56% off-road and 44% paved sections. The day unfolds with a blend of cultural exploration and off-road challenges, culminating in the serene surroundings of Sv. Filip i Jakov.
  • Day 5 (Wednesday) – Ravni kotari (overnight in Sv. Filip i Jakov)
    A picturesque ride through Ravni kotari awaits, spanning approximately 62 km with an elevation gain of 650 m. This day is marked by an immersive off-road experience, with 66% of the route being off-road trails and 34% paved roads. You will discover the enchanting landscapes of Ravni kotari, soaking in the natural beauty and exploring traditions.
  • Day 6 (Thursday) – Nature Park Vrana Lake (overnight in Sv. Filip i Jakov)
    The adventure continues with a 57.5 km journey to Nature Park Vrana Lake, featuring an elevation gain of 645 m. Cyclists can anticipate a day filled with diverse landscapes, combining off-road trails and paved sections. Nature Park Vrana Lake offers a tranquil setting, providing a refreshing interlude before the final section of the tour.
  • Day 7 (Friday) – Island Pašman (overnight in Sv. Filip i Jakov)
    Conclude the tour with a captivating ride to the island of Pašman, covering approximately 50.7 km with an elevation gain of 751 m. The route comprises 54% off-road and 46% paved sections, offering a perfect blend of challenging trails and scenic coastal paths. Pašman’s beauty and cultural heritage provide a fitting finale to this off-road MTB cross-country cycling adventure.
  • Day 8 (Saturday) – Departure






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