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About Biking in Croatia

Cycling across the Zadar region is a self-guided cycling holiday for active and dynamic people. If you like nature and exploring new places, biking in Croatia is definitely for you. It takes you to several different places in the area. Cycling across the Zadar region you will enjoy the ride itself but also explore two islands, one nature park and several towns and cities – Zadar, Nin, Biograd.

It is an easy paced tour that allows you to fully enjoy every moment. So, do not hesitate to contact us and book your perfect holiday!

Embark on an unforgettable journey of biking in Croatia through the scenic landscapes of the Zadar region, tailor-made for enthusiasts of an active and vibrant lifestyle. Perfect for nature lovers and adventurers eager to uncover new horizons, this biking expedition offers an immersive experience that integrates the thrill of biking with the exploration of diverse terrains.

Explore beyond the charming city of Zadar as the tour beckons you to uncover the gems of Nin, Biograd, and the natural wonders nestled within Vrana Lake Nature Park. This leisurely-paced biking excursion unveils the allure of two captivating islands, Ugljan and Pašman. Each of them will seduce you with unique charm and coastal splendour.

Adapt the rhythm of this biking tour to your needs and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, from the serene landscapes of the nature park to the historic streets of Zadar and the pristine shores of the islands. The itinerary is thoughtfully designed to ensure that you not only relish the cycling experience but also explore the towns and cities you encounter. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and secure your spot on this memorable biking journey across the Zadar region. Your ultimate holiday experience awaits and Zzuum will make sure that you take the most of your biking in Croatia.

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  • 1st day (Saturday) – arrival; overnight in Zadar
  •  2nd day (Sunday) – Nin – Vir – Privlaka (approx. 68 km; overnight in Zadar): Embarking on a biking tour with trekking bikes and pannier bags from Zadar to Nin, Vir, and Privlaka is a journey that seamlessly blends the pleasures of coastal exploration with the convenience of well-equipped trekking bikes. This segment of the tour covers approximately 68 kilometres, promising a delightful route that spans charming towns and pristine beaches. Pedal along the coastal roads, soaking in the invigorating sea breeze as you make your way toward the historic town of Nin. Continuing along the picturesque route, you’ll cycle towards the island of Vir, known for its sandy beaches and vibrant atmosphere. As the sun begins to set, pedal your way back to Zadar, your home base for the night. The pannier bags make it convenient to carry any souvenirs or essentials collected along the way.
  • 3rd day (Monday)island Ugljan (approx. 58 km; overnight in Zadar): Cycling on Ugljan Island with trekking bikes is a fantastic way to explore the diverse landscapes of this Croatian island. Trekking bikes, known for their versatility and comfort, are ideal for navigating both paved roads and light macadam paths, making them well-suited for the varied terrains found on Ugljan. Ugljan is dotted with picturesque coastal villages, each with its unique charm. Cycling with trekking bikes enables you to easily explore these villages, stopping at cafes, capturing scenic views, and interacting with the locals along the way. Paths on Ugljan Island provide a tranquil and scenic experience of biking in Croatia. Trekking bikes are well-suited for these paths, allowing you to immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty, including olive groves and lush landscapes.
  • 4th day (Tuesday) – Zadar and hinterland – Biograd (approx. 42 km; overnight in Sv. Filip i Jakov): Cycling from Zadar to Biograd using inland routes offers a unique and scenic journey through the captivating landscapes of northern Dalmatia. This route takes you away from the coastline, allowing you to explore the inland areas, charming villages, and natural beauty of the region. Inland routes are characterized by scenic countryside roads that wind through the heart of Dalmatia. Enjoy the tranquillity of these roads as you cycle through olive groves, orchards, and vineyards, soaking in the beauty of the rural landscapes.
  • 5th day (Wednesday) – Ravni kotari (approx. 33 km; overnight in Sv. Filip i Jakov): Ravni kotari is characterized by vast, fertile plains that have been traditionally used for agriculture. Cycling through this region, you’ll encounter fields of olive groves, vineyards, and farmlands. The landscape is dotted with charming stone houses and agricultural structures. Enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside as you pedal through rolling hills and open landscapes. The gentle terrain makes cycling through Ravni kotari suitable for cyclists of various skill levels, offering a serene and scenic experience.
  • 6th day (Thursday)Nature Park Vrana Lake (approx. 57 km; overnight in Sv. Filip i Jakov): Cycling towards Vrana, you’ll pedal through charming countryside landscapes. Expect to pass through picturesque villages, olive groves, vineyards, and fields. The gentle terrain is suitable for cyclists of different skill levels. Nature Park Vrana is a significant ornithological area, attracting a variety of bird species. Bring binoculars if you’re interested in birdwatching, as you may spot herons, cormorants, and other waterfowl around the lake.
  • 7th day (Friday)island Pašman (approx. 57 km; overnight in Sv. Filip i Jakov): Explore the charming villages scattered across Pašman. With a city trekking bike, you can easily navigate through narrow streets and alleys, discovering local architecture, and historic sites, and perhaps stopping at cafes. Pašman has picturesque coastal roads that are perfect for cycling. With your trekking bike, you can enjoy a comfortable ride along the shoreline, taking in the refreshing sea breeze and panoramic views of the Adriatic.
  • 8th day (Saturday) – departure







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