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rental services in zadar

Rental services with Zzuum are simple and fast. During your stay in Zadar, we have everything you might need – bicycles, scooters, stand-up paddling boards, boats, and kids’ trailers.

We offer you several rental services – bicycle, stand-up paddling board, kids’ trailer and boat rentals. As for the bikes, we have both classic ones and electric, MTBs, and road bikes. Whether you plan to spend a day cycling around the city, on the beach,  or exploring the area, we know the best way to do it.

We have different price ranges, depending on the rental period length and you will easily find what suits you best. You can book online or come straight to our office.

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Rental Services

Are you looking to add some outdoor activity to your holiday? You have come to the right place! We are here to help you make up your mind.

Choose among a speedboat, bike, stand-up paddling board or kid’s trailer rental and have a day filled with fun with your family or friends.

Get in touch with Zzuum and we will answer your questions and take care of everything.

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