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About Us

If you want to know more about us, you’re at the right place. 



We are a small group of local enthusiasts who love spending time in the open, cycling and exploring the nature. Our project started as a hobby and slowly developed into a serious business. However, we are still the same active and curious bunch who want to show the beauty of this region, nature and people to everyone.  

We offer destinations, activities and tours that we ourselves are in love with. Constantly searching for new and exciting things and trying them out is what we do to make the best possible holiday.

That way we do not create just products but custom-made experiences for our clients. And clients become friends and family – just the way we like things to be!


Filip Lerga


Nicolas Bajlo

Operations & product manager

Adrijana Ivoš Simić

Administration & customer relation

Bruno Rudić

Bicycle mechanic & cycling guide

Ante Radić

Cycling guide

Borislavko Đumić

Web designer and administrator

Nevio Berki

Cycling guide

Ivan Govorčin

Cycling guide